A Libertarian’s Guide to Modern Vernacular Euphemisms

Whenever I hear common terms thrown around the political arena, the definition goes into one ear and comes out the other as a different meaning. The titles are meant to be intentionally misleading. It’s better to treat these words and phrases like a mathematical function, f(x). Luckily, I’m here to help decipher some of these popular euphemisms. Plug in your favorite definitions to find out their true meanings!


A law = A bill passed by politicians paid for and written by special interest groups

Bipartisan support = The political class agreeing on the means of exploiting the taxpaying class

Checks and balances = Government auditing and condoning its own actions

Climate change = An environmental ruse by which antiliberal policies are advocated

Countercyclical measures = Spending money, usually by inflation, to prolong a depression

Democrat = See “Republican”

Depression = The exposition of government-induced clustering of errors in the economy

Extending credit = Incurring more debt than private lenders would give with their own money

Fair share = Guilt-tripping taxpayers into giving the State more money

Federal Reserve = A private bank advancing the interests of its sole partner, the government

Foreign aid = The poor of a rich country gifting purchasing power to the rich of poor countries

Elections = The process by which the citizens vote for and accept tyranny, even for those that abstain from voting that do not wish to be ruled over

Government-funded = Taxpayer-funded

Inflation = Taxation without legislation; robbing the holders of money of their purchasing power

Income tax = Taxes levied to fulfill social justice schemes

License = Asking for the government’s permission to provide a service

Military intervention = Forcefully asserting our value judgment onto other sovereign nations

Monopoly = Government privilege enforced by the threat of physical violence

News = Government-induced hysteria to distract you from the unconstitutional actions of government

Police = Agents hired to protect the State’s interests

Politicians = Parasites procuring the force of government to advance their own interests

Property tax = Rent paid for your property lease from the government

Public school = Government indoctrination centers

Quantitative Easing = Printing money to transfer wealth from the people to the government

Republican = See “Democrat”

Social justice = A subsidy; expropriating the property of one group to subsidize the living of another group

Social Security = Intergenerational Ponzi scheme enforced by the threat of physical violence

Tax loopholes = The last remnants of a free society

Tax return = A fractional return of your earnings that was forcefully taken from you throughout the year

Taxation = Legal theft enforced by threat of physical violence to maintain the coercive body of government

The State = That great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else

Union = A labor group granted government privileges and exemptions that are not afforded to other workers

War = A mean by which politicians use to help achieve their ends

War on drugs = An excuse to profile any individual as a means of generating additional revenue for the state

War on terror = Fighting the terrorists of today that were created by the American funding of yesterday